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Crosfield & Selhurst Nursery School

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Mission and Values

Our mission: Our Nursery Schools will be centres of excellence for early education and care within the community providing children and their families with holistic support in a welcoming, nurturing, inclusive environment.



We have clear values and a vision of what we want to achieve across our Nursery Schools:

  • To provide safe, caring and stimulating environments where all children thrive
  • To enable all learners to develop their capabilities and grow to be kind, resilient and confident individuals
  • To prepare children for lifelong learning, through an engaging skills-based curriculum that is focused on the needs of each unique child
  • To support children with SEND and their families to identify specific needs early and provide appropriate high quality  early intervention.
  • To foster positive partnerships with parents based on understanding, trust and respect
  • To provide families with choice to suit their needs with a flexible and accessible offer
  • To ensure children and families can access appropriate support through our embedded work with other agencies and services


You support families and children with special needs with love and respect.

                                                                                                                Crosfield parent, 2023


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